Here are some of the known sequences but create your own.


       Around the block : land the ball on the big cup then small cup- base cup 

Around Japan : big cup- small cup- spike 

Around the world : big cup- small cup-base cup -spike 

Frying pan / Crossbar: land the ball between the cup body and the spike 

Slip on spike : frying pan to slide on the spike

Spike : pull up the ball and stab it on the spike

Earth spin: do a spike and flip the ball back onto the spike

Mars Spin : just like the Earth Spin but do it sideways

Bird : balance the ball between the big cup and the spike 

Over the valley : do a bird then a nightingale and finally a spike

Stilt : do a bird whilst holding the ball

Swinging bird : swing into a bird

Deadbird : balance the ball under the cup (Opposite of bird)

Nightingale : balance the ball between the spike and the small cup

Lighthouse : balance the base cup on the ball

Handle stall : balance the ball on the ring at the bottom of the handle 

Aeroplane : swing the ken in the air while holding the ball landing the spike in the hole 

Stunt Plane : upside down Aeroplane

Jumping Stick : Aeroplane, then flick the ken, making a back flip motion, landing back in the hole

U.F.O : just like the Jumping Stick but do it sideways

Gravity : swing the entire kendama over your head with the ball in the large cup holding the string

Lunar : balance the Ken on the big cup while holding the ball

Barrel : balance the Ken on the small cup while holding the ball

Ken Flip : catch a ball on the cup, flip the ken in mid-air and catch the ball on any cup, spike, bird etc.         

Whirlwind : just like the ken flip, start by catching the kenama on the spike and end with catching it on the spike

Acrobatic : put the ball on the spike then swing, catch the kendama in the air then land on the base cup

Orbit : big cup then toss the ball up while moving the ken around the ball and landing back on the cup

North to South : spike to base cup

Spacewalk : start by holding the ken. Swing it and let go in a full circle and catch the ken landing on a cup or spike

Finger Roll : spin string around finger from ball to ken and vice versa

Hand Roll : spin string around hand from ball to ken and vice versa

Turntable : catch ball on big cup and spin the whole kendama in a 360 on your middle finger as its placed on the bottom of the small cup

Zero Gravity : spike the ball and spike the whole kendama around your finger as the ball is still on the spike

Border Balance : balance the spike of the ken on the ball

Faster then Gravity : hold the ken above the ball and pull the ken underneath the ball as fast as you can to spike it without moving the ball

Moonwalk : hold the base cup and swing it back, swinging the ball forward catching the ball and then repeat. Then catch the ken landing the ball on any cup

Raven / Wing walker : balance the ball on the side of the big cup (not including spike)

Around Indonesia : spike, big cup, frying pan, crossbar, spike

Around Europe : big cup, spike, small cup, spike, base cup, spike

Around the U.S.A : big cup, spike, Earth Spin, small cup, spike, Earth Spin, base cup, spike, Earth Spin

Around Germany : big cup, base cup, small cup, big cup, base cup

Final labelled kendama

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