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One of the world’s hottest toys doesn’t come with batteries; it has no wires, no screen and no buttons or a USB cable!

It’s simply a wooden ball called the Tama attached to a wooden handle known as the Ken, with a string . . . or is it?

There are hundreds of different sequences and tricks to master.
With endless creativity to develop on your own, it can be played anywhere and by anyone. Kendama is literally taking on the world by the Tamas’, as the latest hip new trend game, there is an entire sub-culture of really creative playful people world-wide addicted to this ancient skills game.

Kendama offers hours of authentic hands on fun, once you have it in your hands, you may not be able to put it down . . . so luckily it fits easily into your back pocket.
A truly challenging and skillful game guaranteed to capture your attention and imagination.

Kendama.co.za is the original supplier and pioneer of Kendama culture in South Africa.
We’re here to help you get one in your hands.

So be a part of the culture and get playing.

Your world your game…

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